OPRI Focuses on Strong Practitioner Partnerships

Our Pledge to the Eye Care Practitioner

eye care contact lensOPRI, Inc. is committed to providing clinically proven contact lens polymers of the highest quality to ECPs throughout the world. Through a true partnership with the global independent laboratory community it is our goal to promote custom and specialty contact lens usage. We seek to meet your patients’ clinical needs and through our independent authorized manufacturer network to support you in the areas of practice marketing and patient education. Specialty and custom contact lenses provide quality of life benefits to millions of patients around the world. We are here as your partner to help provide your patients with the highest standard of care.

NOTE: Learn more about GP contact lenses from the GP Lens Institute's practitioner education website. It includes information about multifocal contact lenses, options for astigmatism, correction of keratoconus and much more. Exciting polymers to correct vision in ways we’ve only begun to imagine.