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Optical Polymer Research Incorporated (OPRI) joined the esteemed European Federation of the Contact Lens and IOL Industries.  EFCLIN is an international meeting organization and platform for manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of contact lens and IOLs. 
Jeanne Bear, a principal of OPRI who has served as the organization’s board member and past president, commented “EFCLIN membership offers an expansive network in which to collaborate in our business of bringing new and additional polymers to the ophthalmic industry”.  The organization has now grown to include all of Europe, the UK, the USA, India and countries in Asia and Africa. 
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Jeanne Bear Joins OPRI

June 2014 
Jeanne Bear Joins OPRI 
Optical Polymer Research Inc. (OPRI) announces the addition of Jeanne Bear to its management team. Ms. Bear brings extensive experience within the global contact lens industry in sales, marketing and business development for both the GP and soft contact lens segments.  
Bear’s contact lens industry background includes equity positions with Paragon Vision Sciences as Director, and then Vice President of International Sales, and prior work within Pilkington Barnes-Hind, then the parent company for Paragon, in Asia, Mexico and South America developing a distributor sales network. She joined the founding management team at SynergEyes as Director of Marketing, where she successfully developed and implemented U.S. marketing strategy for start-up efforts, along with initial global marketing and planning. Bear served as General Manager for Global Business Development for Menicon for several years, leading market expansion and sales into Asia/Pacific Rim, South/Central America, Eastern Europe and North America. In 2008, she joined Contamac LTD in global marketing, sales and business development.  
Bear served as both Board Member and President of the European Federation of Contact Lens Industries (EFCLIN), where she was the first American elected to head the organization, and was on the Editorial Board for Global Contact until recently.  

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Optical Polymer Research Inc. (OPRI) in Mesa, AZ. Announces a NEW collaboration with researchers from Western University of Health Sciences (WUHS), College of Optometry in Pomona CA. to develop a new generation of anti-microbial contact lens materials.

Optical Polymer Research Inc. (OPRI) in Mesa, AZ. Announces a NEW collaboration with researchers from Western University of Health Sciences (WUHS), College of Optometry in Pomona CA. to develop a new generation of anti-microbial contact lens materials. These materials are characterized by a composite structure which combines OPRI’s, AQUAPERM SiOH® next generation silicone hydrogel material with an array of especially designed nanoparticles. In previous stand-alone experiments the nanoparticles demonstrated potent antimicrobial properties while being biocompatible to the human corneal tissue. The findings of this project may lead to the development of an entire new generation of contact lenses which possess a broad spectrum of antimicrobial properties, and therefore have a wide range of prophylactic and therapeutic uses.

"This collaboration brings together two leaders,” sighted Hank Stute, Managing Principle,

 OPRI, “with a long standing intuitive culture in developing new generation contact lens materials/polymers for the Betterment of Mankind . OPRI’s team will utilize extensive knowledge from previous microgravity nanoparticle dispersion and polymerization projects with NASA’s Space Shuttle programs.”

WUHS research program’s goal is to position WUHS as an agile, flexible partner with both collaborative institutions and industry, to attack the most pressing health-related issues facing mankind, including brain-related disorders, infectious disease threats, cancer and complex metabolic diseases. Western University is in a unique position to fully integrate health-related research with health-related delivery.”

OPRI intends to further expand this research to include its NEW OPERM HDKR (Dk 100) fluoro-silicone acrylate polymer for those situations when a GP lens is the best choice. These efforts will be based on the earlier discovery of a unique fluorine monomer utilized within the novel OPERM F series chemistry with which to expand and extend the OPERM F polymer platform. “A unique more compact molecule than found in most currently used contact lens polymers. This compact molecule makes for a less bulky molecule replacing a hydroxyl group in the presence of water making a more hydrophilic polymer”.*


OPRI is proud to offer a full range of GP contact lens polymer options from Dk 10-153 (Fatt method) for the manufacture of custom contact lenses. All OPRI polymers are designed to promote optimal comfort and wettability combined with long-term eye health and superior visual correction. Custom gas permeable contact lenses made from OPRI polymers offer a broad range of features and benefits allowing the independent manufacturers and eye care professionals alike to design lenses that meet patients’ needs for lens comfort, wetting, deposit resistance and overall performance.
OPRI’s premium fluoro-silicone-acrylate (FSA) products are a major enhancement over the previous generation of silicone-acrylate (SA) and many first generation FSA polymers. OPRI expertise in fluoro-monomers led it to utilizing a truly unique fluoro-component reducing its dependency on silicone content providing increased performance. And has further extended the oxygen permeability (Dk) of these polymers

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Mesa, AZ – Optical Polymer Research, Inc. (OPRI) announced today that they are proud to be joining the Contact Lens Manufacturers Association as an Associate Member. “OPRI is joining the CLMA in order to demonstrate its total commitment to the global specialty and custom contact lens manufacturers. Today we are attending the Global Specialty Lens Symposium in support of all the member labs exhibiting and those non-attending members by greeting members and practitioners alike that visit the CLMA’s exhibit booth” offered, Krist Jani, then added, “We are also here to attend continuing educational seminars to keep stride with the rapidly expanding GP specialty and custom lens segment.”  The symposium takes place from January 23rd through the 26th, at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. It focuses on the latest techniques and technologies for the successful management of ocular conditions using today’s specialty contact lenses. Hank Stute and Krist Jani, principles of OPRI, are excited to be attending so that they can continue their education on current and emerging contact lens polymer needs and properties. For full biographical information on either principle, along with a wealth of information on the company.

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Mesa, AZ – Optical Polymer Research, Inc, aka OPRI announced today the completion of their rejuvenation plan and the launch of their new manufacturing plant in Mesa, Arizona. OPRI’s mission is to develop and deliver high-quality and innovative contact lens polymers to custom finishing laboratories, eye care providers and their patients. According to Krist Jani, OPRI will offer enhanced, FDA-approved, technology in their polymers that is unavailable from any of their competitors. This will allow global custom lens manufacturers new material choices from a company having a long standing heritage & culture of not becoming a finished lens competitor but rather a corporate strategy to enhance the laboratories’ capabilities and success. Secondarily, OPRI will be engaged in developing optical polymers that have a variety of uses beyond that of contact lenses.         


OPRI’s full range of GP contact lens polymer options will allow its partners in the global optical manufacturing industry to increase their efficiencies’ without sacrificing quality.  “Rather than compete directly with our custom manufacturers in the creation of finished lenses, OPRI chooses to advance the capabilities of our customers by delivering world-class polymers and significant technical manufacturing support. Customers can take advantage of OPRI’s one-on-one manufacturing consultations to discover ways they can improve lens yields, avoid unnecessary costs, and function more efficiently”, said Hank Stute of OPRI. “In addition, OPRI can and will provide turnkey systems in the areas of plasma surface cleaning treatment, lens laser marking, specialized GP lens design and even hydrogel lens manufacturing and sterilization experience”, further added Stute.


Hank Stute and Krist Jani lead OPRI’s management team. Mr. Stute has over 30 years of entrepreneurial innovative product and manufacturing achievements in medical devices, and consumer products. He has a wealth of knowledge about this industry within the United States and internationally. Mr. Jani, as well, is a veteran of 30 years of marketing, sales, domestic and international business development experience within the ophthalmic marketplace to OPRI. For full biographical information on either principle, along with a wealth of information on the company, please visit OPRI at